What do you think about a continuum of care for Pre and Postnatal Health?

Reflect upon the following question for a minute: Is there anything more fundamental than procreation?

This is a deep philosophical question…I know. The point I’m trying to make here is that without procreation, none of us would be here right?!

Without going into detail about how human fertilization occurs and yada yada…, the fact remains that a woman’s body is the vessel by which new human life is brought to this world.

That being said, as a woman, mom, physical health and women’s healthcare professional, I heartily believe that it’s important for medical and allied health care practitioners alike – namely obstetricians (OB), gynecologists, general practitioners (GP), midwives, doulas, obstetrical nurses, women’s health physiotherapists and fitness trainers – to make greater efforts to work COHESIVELY.

After all, our goal as women’s physical health professionals is to preserve and restore optimal function of the woman’s body before, during and after pregnancy.

More comprehensive care

Currently, I find that medical and allied health care for the perinatal community is segregated. That is to say, each discipline mentioned in this article typically functions independently from the other.

When you go to see your GP or OB for your postnatal check-up, the doctor won’t say to you (but should): “I recommend that you see a women’s health physiotherapist to assess your core and help you get back on track.”

I highlight GP’s and OB’s because they are what I call the first-line professionals in perinatal care as they are the ones that women are surely going to come in contact with and so it’s important that these medical practitioners get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Women listen to their GP’s and OB’s (as they should) and put their trust in them, therefore these health practitioners have an obligation to at least make their patients cognizant of the changes in their body and refer their female patients to other perinatal counterparts that complement their care.

This way, a woman’s pre and postnatal experience will be enhanced as a result of more comprehensive care.

Let’s come together!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a continuum of care that amalgamates all the specialties named in this article for the betterment of pre and postnatal health?

I sure think so!

What do you think moms and mom-to-be? OB’s? GP’s? Gynes? Midwives? Doulas? Nurses? Physios? Trainers?

So perinatal health experts out there, let’s come together to provide the quality care that this vast community of women deserve!

– Jennifer Nwankwo, M.Sc (PT), PFS, RMT

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